Bill Gates praised Pakistan’s efforts to manage COVID-19

ISLAMABAD: Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has praised Pakistan for its efforts in the fight against the Kovid-19 epidemic. 

In an interview with CNN, Bill Gates compared the COVID-19 situation in Pakistan to that of Europe and agreed that Pakistan has done a lot against this virus. Bill Gates said in an interview that the coronavirus situation in Pakistan was similar to that in Europe, but the whole country worked hard and together to reduce virus cases.

Gates supported Pakistan’s COVID-19 policies and called on India to do the opposite, which is not very good. “COVID-19 status among Indians is similar to that in South America.” It is worth mentioning here that the coronavirus cases in Pakistan have been declining in recent times and today (Monday) the government has lifted almost all the sanctions.

All restaurants, hotels, gyms, theaters, cinemas, beauty parlors and other businesses have reopened across the country. Business hours and the weekly holidays are back in practice. However, all schools, other educational institutions and wedding halls in the country will reopen from September 15.

While there are 17,799 active coronavirus cases in the country, so far 6,097 people have died from the disease.

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