Donald Trump received the Republican nomination and announced a tough election

Trump Nominated

Charlotte: President Donald Trump opened his bid for the second time after winning the Republican nomination on Monday, with Democrats generally wanting to "steal" elections as I am losing in Pre-Poles. 

On November 3, just minutes after the party was confirmed as a candidate, he made a speech at a conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, often in the dark of the hour.

In his opening remarks, he told Republicans that there was a Democratic plan to stifle competition by using mail-in voting, a measure that would allow Democrats to push COVID-19 into a congested vote, and to protect stations from being seized.

“They are trying to steal the election,” he said. “If they rig this election, they can take this election away from us,” he said.

Opponents say Trump’s fierce opposition to widespread mail-in voting – a method already widely used in the United States – is an attempt to suppress the voter by challenging the outcome of the voter defeat.

Polls show Trump lost to Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who held his Democratic convention last week, as Americans deal with the coronavirus virus epidemic and subsequent financial turmoil.

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