Factbox: How China is Leading in COVID-19 Vaccine Efforts

There are several novel coronavirus vaccine candidates in China in the final stages of development. Below is a summary of its efforts to develop vaccines. 

How many members are there in the three stages?

Four of the seven vaccines in the world belong to China in the third phase test.

The two candidates are from the National Biotech Group of China (CNBG), the state-owned pharmaceutical giant China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharma). Synovac Biotech is developing a third candidate, Coronavac, working in Ad5-nCoV with the State Military Research Unit Academy of Military Medical Sciences of the Consino Biologics State.

Who is working with China?

Argentina, Peru, Morocco, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have allowed CNBG to run Phase 3 trials. It was not immediately clear whether the company’s two vaccine candidates would be tested in those countries.

Indonesia and Brazil are assisting Coronawak’s Synovac’s Phase 3 trials, with Bangladesh aiming to run the final phase clinical trials for the trial vaccine.

While Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Russia have agreed to conduct the 3rd phase trials of the Cancino candidate, Mexico has entered into a preliminary agreement with a Chinese company for a final phase trial.

How is it used in China?

China has been providing experimental coronavirus vaccines to high-risk groups, such as medical workers, under the “Emergency Use” program since July.

Officials hoped to expand the emergency utility program to prevent it from spreading in the fall and winter. China did not say how many people were vaccinated or what product was given.

Prior to the official launch of the program in July, the Chinese military approved the use of the casino vaccine in June, but state media reported in June that employees of government-owned companies traveling abroad were developing. One of the two candidates was allowed to take CNBG.

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