Famous Pizza restaurant launches its first virtual waiter app

SPAIN: A restaurant in Spain is introducing a dining experience that allows customers to avoid most face-to-face contact with staff and minimize the risk of coronavirus contagion. 

Spain’s famous food chain Funky Pizza, provided the option to its customers to browse menus, orders and payments through the “Funky Pay” app on their phones – the first intended-designed app integrated into the restaurant ordering system in Spain. Then, a waiter brings the order to the table.

“Through this system we try to maintain a physical distance with our customers that people see during COVID,” said restaurant owner Carlos Manich.

Employees handle orders from the screen behind the bar.

Restaurants must comply with the rules of social distortion only by becoming a table service and remember that customers must wear face masks when they are not at their tables upon entry.

“This application is very user friendly and you can track your order and see if it is in the kitchen or when it arrives,” said Claudia Medina, 26, who eats at the restaurant.

But some customers did not agree. Javier Comas, a 26-year-old customer, said, “I think we lose emotion with the waiter, for example when you order you can’t ask for different tastes or sizes.”

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