Hajj 2020: Pilgrims to congregate at Mount Arafat today

The Saudi Press Agency reported that the Kiswa of the Kaabah was replaced Wednesday night. 

On the ninth day of Zul Hijjah, travelers arrive at Arafat Grounds on Thursday, as the Saudi Ministry of Health makes special arrangements for the “reduced” Hajj amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

General clinics have been set up in Arafat, which include doctors, consultants and intensive care nurses to assist the pilgrims. Health regulations deal with any traveler who suffers from heat stroke or stress.

The government in Arafat has set up a camp to isolate any COVID-19 patient among the pilgrims for medical purposes. On the other hand, the Saudi civilian security forces are ready to provide security for the pilgrims when they go to the holy place.

“All parties are participating and they are carrying out their activities to manage any danger as per the general plan for the Hajj pilgrimage,” said Maj. Gen. Hajj Commander General Hamud al-Faraj.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Saudi authorities have restricted the number of pilgrims participating in this year’s Hajj to 1,000. However, some local reports say that about 10,000 pilgrims are performing the Hajj.

In place of the Kaaba Kiswa
The Souba Press Agency reported on Wednesday night that the kiswah of the Kaaba had been changed and that, according to tradition, the process was being carried out by the staff of the General Presidency for the affairs of the two holy mosques.

The deputy chief of the General Presidency for the affairs of the two holy mosques said in a statement that the Kaaba was fitted with a new kiswah on all four sides and a sitar (curtain) for the door.

“This process started from the side of the Hatim (the semi-circular wall facing the northwest wall of the Kaaba) because a special opening was required at the top of the al-Mizb (rainwater made of gold). , ”He said.

Al-Mansouri said 200 Saudi artisans were engaged in the construction of a black curtain at the King Abdul Aziz Complex for the Holy Kaaba Quiad.

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