Meet Mustafa Hanif, the ‘Pakistani Ertugrul’

Pakistani vlogger Mustafa Hanif has been dubbed as the “Pakistani Ertugrul". 

Pakistani vlogger Mustafa Hanif, popularly known as “Pakistani Ertugrul”, has shared that he would accept acting in an Islamic series.


Popular Turkish Series Derlis: Hanif, who looks like the main actor of Ertugrul or Ertugurul Ghazi, Angin Altan Dujtan Ertugrul, told Geo Pakistan that if an Islamic film ever happened, if given a role in it, then he should accept it. D.

Talking about his sudden rise to fame, YouTube said that one of his friends looks like Ertugrul in 2018.

Hanif said, “In 2018 my friend said I liked this character, but until the drama started in Pakistan people started looking at me more than that.”

“It even happened when people told me to work on it and make some videos,” he said.

When suddenly asked if Stardom was in his place, Hanif said one advantage of all media appearances is that many brands are now very eager to work and collaborate with him.


Hanif, who works for a private company, said that since his video went viral, he was getting a lot of opportunities and trying to profit from them.

“I try to take it with my work and make the most of the opportunities that come my way.”

Responding to his video of Ertugrul riding a white horse riding from head to toe, Hanif shared that he has been planning to shoot it for a while.

“There is a lot of work behind this idea. I’m been planning for a while now and finally decided to shoot it. It was filmed during Ramadan and I arranged everything, horses, attire and everything and called the cameraman to film it after Fazr.

When asked if Halim Sultan was in his life, Hanif said he came into his life four years ago.

He said he plans to go to Turkey soon and try to meet the actors in the play.

Pakistani broadcaster PTV started airing Urdu-dubbed episodes of the show during Ramadan and has been one of the most watched shows ever since.

According to PTV managing director Amer Manzoor, no television show has shaken Pakistan as Ertugrul Ghazi did. “People think it’s a Turkish drama of Game of Thrones,” he told Reuters.

The show also met with Prime Minister Imran Khan, who said it would help Hollywood and Bollywood fight “pornography” and promote family culture.

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