Microsoft is struggling to purchase TikTok’s entire global business

The Financial Times reported on Thursday that Microsoft is pursuing an agreement to buy TikTok's global business, with five people having knowledge of dealing. 

However, a source close to the discussion told Reuters that Microsoft’s talks with Bytedance did not increase the likelihood of a total purchase. Microsoft has said that they want to buy TikTok’s assets in North America, Australia and New Zealand. Although ByteDance officials have previously told Reuters that all purchases are worth more than $ 50 billion, it has not disclosed how much it is willing to pay.

Although, Microsoft refused to comment on the report. TikTok’s parents did not immediately respond to Reuters’ requests for comment. According to the FT report, the company is exploring whether the deal could include regions including India and Europe.

There was a “deal in the works” with Microsoft for TikTok India but it fell through, the FT reported.

TikTok is facing a September 15th deadline to sell its operations to Microsoft or face a ban in the United States.

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