Microsoft says Apple’s action against “Fortnite” will hurt its game

Microsoft Corp.'s lawsuit alleges that Apple Inc.'s threat to cut "Fortnight" creator from Apple's developer tools could harm Microsoft's gaming business as well as other game developers. 

The filing came in a dispute between Apple and Epic Games. Apple has removed the Epic title from its app store after game maker violated the iPhone manufacturer’s app payment terms. ‘TASCO‘ Sources

Epic claims that Apple has threatened to cut off access to Apple tools needed to operate “Unreal Engine” software, which licenses many game developers to create better graphics. Microsoft’s claim that this action will at least damage its own game title, known as “Forza Street”, which uses the engine for the iOS version of the game.

Kevin Gamil, general manager of Microsoft’s gaming developer experience, said Microsoft has an “enterprise-wide” license for the Unreal Engine and that Apple has the capability to allow it and other gaming companies to create games with technology for Macs and iPhones.

“If the Unreal Engine can’t support games for iOS or MacOS, Microsoft should choose between leaving its customers and potential customers on the iOS and MacOS platforms or choosing a different game engine to develop new games,” Gamil wrote.

In a case filed Sunday by Nicholas Penwarden, Epic’s engineering vice president, several unrealistic engine users – including at least one automotive design company – approached the company with concerns that their projects would be disrupted.

Epic is seeking court orders to stop suspending its developer accounts. Apple claims that re-releasing the Epic “Fortnight” version will reverse its action.

Apple filed a lawsuit Friday alleging that Epic violated its terms for more than a decade, calling for Epic to be removed from the App Store as a “self-inflicted injury”.

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