Pakistan Army recruits viral long jumper Asif Magsi

Lahore: The Pakistan Army has decided to hire and train Asif Magazine, who has become a social media sensation after his long jump video went viral. 

In the viral video, Asif can be seen jumping from more than 11 bikes, which took a lot of attention. In another video, Asif jumps over a lake covering a beautiful distance with a Pakistani flag in his hand.

The Pakistan Army will recruit long jumper Mohammad Asif and provide the necessary training and assistance to further excel his talent.

“He will now join the Army Athletics team instead of the Lahore team,” the sources said.

Commenting on the development, the President said that the Pakistan Athletics Federation Pakistan Army had hailed Asif’s appointment as a positive development and it would further enhance his talent.

On July 4, Asif Maggie received a video call after he went viral from the Pakistan Athletics Federation (PAF).

In a video message, PAF President Major General Akram Sahi assured that Asif would be facilitated with all available resources. “I have personally approached Asif and invited him to Lahore, where we will improve his skills and be able to represent Pakistan internationally,” he said.

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