Pakistan Currency “PKR” got appreciation against US “USD”

KARACHI: In inter-bank market the PKR rose high by 0.14 paisa as compared to US Dollars. 

Interbank market closed at Rs 167.93 against the foreign currency in the foreign exchange market. The dollar closed at Rs 168.07 against the local unit on the second day.

Meanwhile, the dollar fell on many peers on Thursday amid hopes of an agreement between Republicans and Democrats on a high stimulus to the U.S. economy.

The Australian dollar has rallied amid concerns that the coronavirus may continue to spread in the country’s second-largest city.

The dollar fell 0.4% to $ 1.1804 against the euro on Wednesday.

The British pound rose 0.15% to 30 1.3053. The dollar was down 0.9118 against the Safe Harbor Swiss Franc.

Elsewhere in the currencies, the Australian dollar traded at 71 0.7161, creating three times more jobs than expected in July based on data showing the economy.

Over the Tasman Sea, the New Zealand dollar fell slightly to $0.6566.

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