Russia became the first country to authorize COVID-19 vaccine

MOSCOW: Russia has become the first country in the world to regulate the Covid-19 vaccine after less than two months of human testing, President Vladimir Putin revealed on Tuesday. 

Although the final stage of clinical trials for safety and efficacy testing, this development will pave the way for large-scale vaccination of the Russian population. Russia’s fast pace to develop its vaccine, provoking its determination to win the global race for effective production, but is concerned that it will gain more national reputation than acoustics and safety.

Speaking at a government conference on state television, Putin said the vaccine, developed by the Gamalaya Institute in Moscow, was safe and had been given to one of his daughters.

“I know it works very effectively, boosts strong immunity, and I repeat, it goes beyond all the necessary research,” Putin said. He said he hopes the country will start producing the vaccine soon.

The Ministry of Health has approved the launch of a large trial of thousands of participants known as the Third Phase Trial. Trials that require a fixed rate of virus extraction to observe the effects of the vaccine are generally considered to be precursors required to obtain regulatory approval for the vaccine.

Regulators around the world have insisted that crowdfunding to develop COVID-19 vaccines does not compromise security. But recent surveys have largely shown public distrust in governments’ efforts to produce such vaccines.

According to the source, Russian health workers who treated COVID-19 patients last month will be given the opportunity to vaccinate voluntarily after accepting the vaccine. More than 100 vaccines are being developed worldwide to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic. According to WHO data, there are at least four Final Phase III human tests.

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