The Neelum-Jehlum power project produces the highest number of units ever

Islamabad: The Nelum-Jhelum power project has reached another milestone as it generated 10 billion units of electricity in a single day. 

According to details, the National Grid was supplied with 10 BN units of electricity yesterday, according to the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). “Rs 120 billion were earned for the National Grid through the supply of the above units”.

According to WAPDA, the project has the capacity to generate 969 MW of power from its four generating units, but will produce more than its capacity.

The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) said in a statement that in addition to starting construction work on the Mohammed Dam in May five decades later; a record high of hydropower was generated in 2019 and supplied to the national grid.

Hydel Power Stations, owned and operated by WAPDA, supplied 34.678 billion units of electricity to the system in 2019 – the largest contribution of clean energy – which was 6.321 billion units, up from 28.357 billion units supplied in the previous year.

The proper operation of three hydropower projects, which were completed in phases last year, proved to be a good omen for hydropower generation in the country.

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