Trump is conducting interview of Trump, video goes viral

In a shocking video, United States President Donald Trump can be seen interviewing himself by throwing some questions to his counterpart. . 

US President Donald Trump questioned himself in the spoof video. The footage was shared on social media by a page called ‘The Lincoln Project’.

In fact, the spoof was an actual interview taken by a journalist named Jonathan Swann, where he asked the President about the current COVID-19 situation in the country.

Experts say that someone edited the video using a ‘mirroring’ tool, which is very common in editing processes.

However, some of Trump’s ridiculous and clueless answers on how the country works compared to the rest of the world caused a lot of outrage as well as laughter.

The video has reached to 5.2 million views, 108,000 retweets and 266,000 likes on Twitter.

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