Turgut Alp Asks Shahid Afridi to Teach Him Cricket When He Comes to Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: In a talk-show of private channel, Turgut Alp asks Legend cricket star to teach him cricket and in return Shahid khan Afridi asks him to wield an axe. 

Turkish drama serial, Ertugrul,is very famous in Pakistan and you know it’s worth watching when Shahid Afridi says he watched the whole show in just 40 days.

Star all-rounder revealed this in Waseem Badami’s show a few days ago. His guests included Shahid Afridi and Cengiz Coşkun who plays the role of Turgut Alp in the Turkish historical drama. Cengiz said he is keen to learn cricket from Shahid Afridi.

Afridi said that he will not only host Cengiz but also teach him cricket. He also asked Cengiz to teach him how to use an ax in return to which both agreed. The legendary all-rounder also showed the famous ax that Turgut used in the drama serial.

Afridi told Turgut how he didn’t like the idea of over 500 episodes for a show because of a busy schedule, however, he finished it in just over a month once he started watching it.

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