Wedding cake decorator mishears request

One couple learned to double check their bakery orders in advance. 

“Why is there a Wedding?”

This is a question written in bright green icing for a couple who ordered a white wedding cake, a photo shared with TASCO IT SOLUTIONS.

“That’s why you hire professionals,” the salesman wrote, whose identity was removed from the post. “My customers bought it from our local grocery store bakery … it’s called ‘Wester Wedding’.”

“It’s definitely going to be a horror story of their marriage,” the seller concluded.

The misconception may not be beyond the expectation of married, but it has entertained many anonymous customers under the “Wedding Shimming” and “Face Palm” subsections.

A user named Coconut & Live wrote, “If lime is not green enough,” there have been over 250 comments on the Wedding Shaming Forum.

“I do not know, with the current circumstances, I think this is a valid question,” said another user. “Maybe the store staff did too …”. It is not immediately clear whether the mystery couple will be able to get an alternative cake or pay back before they land.


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